How to Fix iPad Touch Screen Not Working in 2022

How to Fix iPad Touch Screen Not Working in 2022: Many Apple users said that the iPad touch screen stopped working for unknown reasons, and they were dissatisfied because they had no understanding why this happened on their iPad and were looking for effective remedies. The good news is that we’ve compiled a list of ten simple do-it-yourself remedies to the problem of broken touch screens.

How to Fix iPad Touch Screen Not Working in 2022

So don’t get too riled up if you have the same problem. This article will help you analyse the most common causes of touch screen failure and how to fix them without needing to contact a phone doctor.

Why is my iPad’s touch screen not working?

Before we get into the DIY solutions, let’s look at some of the issues that could be causing your iPad touch screen to malfunction.

1. Software issues

Whether you believe it or not, the software is extremely delicate and sensitive. They could potentially fail with the least hiccup. Perhaps a software bug is causing problems with another of your mobile applications or the tablet’s background activities. If there is an issue with your software, your iPad touch screen may stop operating.

2. iOS system issues

iOS system issues are one of the causes of your iPad touch screen malfunctioning. This problem is typically caused by iOS system issues on your iPad. This is a severe issue that many Apple customers suffer when using previous versions of the iOS system, particularly iOS 11. If you continue to use an older version of the iOS operating system, your iPad will be more vulnerable to this problem. Furthermore, for unexplained reasons, the iOS system can be compromised or attacked. If this is the case, you will need to utilise an iOS repair programme to fix it. Once completed, your iPad should resume regular operation.

3. Problems with temperature

The significance of taking care of your gadget in terms of where it is put cannot be overstated. If your phone is exposed to temperatures that are too low or too high, it may cause the same problem with your iPad touch screen.

iPad Touch Screen Not Working: Quick Fixes

1. Clean the screen/take off the gloves

Making ensuring your screen is clean should be one of the first things that comes to mind. If the screen is dirty or wet, it may not detect your finger or other contacts. As a result, you should use a clean cloth to remove the grime. Additionally, before pushing the screen, remove your gloves and sanitise your hands. This solution appears straightforward, yet it has the ability to solve your problem. Nothing can be questioned.

2. Remove the case and the screen protector.

Many people choose to secure their iPads with a case and a screen protector. If your screen protector is damaged, you should remove it. In rare circumstances, removing an ill-fitting cover or screen protector may resolve touch screen issues. So you can try this way to solve your iPad touch screen not working problem.

3. Inspect USB Cables and Disconnect Accessory

Another possibility is that your charger is delivering or consuming too much power. Some chargers also serve as data connectors, which may affect the quality of your connection. If the touch screen on your iPad does not operate while charging, remove the USB cables or accessories and inspect them. If the touch screen on your iPad functions properly following this, you may want to replace the accessories.

4. Reboot your iPad.

One easy-quick DIY method is to force restart any gadget when it hangs. This could also be useful on your iPad. If the touch screen on your iPad freezes, you can force restart it to address the problem. Here are the precise steps for restarting your iPad. Press and hold both the Power and Home buttons until you see the Apple logo to force restart an)iPad.

5. Touch Adjustment Function

Your iPad touch screen may be malfunctioning due to a minor issue that can be resolved utilising this procedure. Enabling touch accommodations may help you resolve your touch screen problem. Go to Settings, then to Accessibility, then to Accommodations, and turn it on. If it still doesn’t work, try the following steps.

6. Make some space

Most advanced devices, including the iPad, require enough storage space to function properly. You must free up some space on the iPad because it requires enough capacity to perform effectively. If your iPad’s storage is insufficient, you must delete the programmes you have used. You can also uninstall and erase unwanted media files and photos.

7. Update the iOS system on your iPad.

Because technical improvements are documented on a regular basis, you must ensure that your system is up to date. Some iOS system issues cannot be resolved unless your iPad’s iOS system is upgraded. So, try updating your system and you could just have found a solution.

8. Use iOS system recovery software.

To resolve abnormalities caused by iOS difficulties, you should utilise an iOS system recovery tool. You can use any trusted iOS System Recovery to resolve your issue. Over 150 iOS issues, such as the iPhone’s inability to update apps and the iPad’s inability to charge, can be resolved with recovery software. Instead of the time-consuming procedure of backing up, system recovery software can help you resolve this issue in seconds.

9. Factory Reset iPad

The next-to-last option is to factory reset your iPad, which will destroy all of your data. Because this is a clear-everything option, be sure your data is backed up on iCloud. This is typically one of the last options. If your iPad’s touch screen still doesn’t work after this, contact Apple support.

10. Speak with Apple Support.

If you feel like you’re going nowhere after exhausting all of your previous alternatives, you might wish to seek professional assistance. If your iPad’s touch screen isn’t working in some places, the screen has most likely been cracked by a hard object. It is advisable that you contact Apple Support to see whether there is a hardware issue with your iPad.


Aside from being intelligent, iPads are among the most expensive gadgets that provide excellent value for money. It’s easy to get fired up over an iPad touch screen not working, and it may be really annoying. However, this does not mean you should throw them away.


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